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Helloooo everyone! Welcome to my official website, my name is Mayumi and this is where you can find some of my videos or maybe all of them, who knows? (probably the creator) Take a good look around and discover for yourself. Because let's be honest, isn't that what you are here for anyways?

If you've already watched my intro video, than you should know that I'm planning on sharing adventures, vlogs, science videos, and more, But if you havent watched it yet you can watch it now just below this message. Since I just started, I may not tell you much about myself, but rather let my videos speak for themselves. Well, I hope you guys enjoy this website, goodbye!

Let's play celeste the game - Kid Friendly Let's Play YouTube Videos

Let’s Play Celeste!

Hi guys! Let’s play Celeste where you can watch me help Madeline survive her inner demons on her epic journey to the top of Celeste Mountain. Watch me brave hundreds…